HK Army Paintball Speed Hopper Paintball Loader - Black

Sale price$79.95


The HK Army Speed Paintball Hopper is the next step in paintball technology! The Speed loader lives up to its name, feeding paintballs fast and consistent to your marker to take advantage of all high rates of fire. The Speed is not only quick but also incredibly light, weighing in at under 1 pound without batteries! The loader's shell is made of a pliable and resilient material to prevent cracking and shattering from impact, and features a tool-free battery door and front nose cone for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Weight 15.4 ounces with (2) 9 volt batteries
Constructed with a Nylon Shell to eliminate feed neck breakage
Single-button, one-touch on/off
Easy to clean with Patented nose release from Shell
Standard with upgraded "P" board for increase feed rate
Perfectly balanced with center of gravity over feed neck
Jam-free and gentle on fragile paintballs
Compatible with HK Army Universal Speed Feed
Tool-free battery door

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