JT Paintball Spectra Dual-Pane Thermal Replacement Lens - Prizm 2.0 Yellow Retro

Sale price$53.95


Upgrade your JT goggles with Yellow Retro Prizm 2.0 lenses! These aren't your OG yellows, the new Prizms give your goggles a distinctive glare-free look.

Give your Proflex or Flex 8 some additional style points. The Prizm series are some of the best looking lenses ever made for JT goggles and will make your mask look incredible. All new stock! Every single lens on PBRetro was brought in this year so you're guaranteed the best lenses possible.

This lens is compatible with the full JT Spectra family of masks including the world-famous ProFlex. It fits the Spectra, ProFlex, Flex-7, Proflex X, Premise, and Flex 8.

The dual-pane thermal lens prevents the mask from fogging

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