MatrixHardshellAdjHolster forEMGArchonFirearmsTypeBAirsoftParallelTrainingWeapon

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Black / No Mount

This holster is manufactured in collaboration of Matrix Tactical Systems and a manufacturing facility that produces real steel fire-arm holsters. The Matrix Group brings you an injection molded hard shell Glock style holster with trigger lock specifically designed for airsoft pistols using the same manufacturing process as real steel holsters. It is fully compatible with EMG Archon Firearms Type B series gas blowback airsoft parallel training weapons. It may be compatible with other brands of Archon Firearms Type B airsoft pistols as well.

Unlike other hard shell holsters, the trigger lock style adds an extra level of retention and security over standard friction locking holsters by locking the pistol in via the trigger guard. Drawing from the holster is smooth and instinctive; by getting a positive grip on your sidearm, you will use your index finger to depress the lock release and draw up and away from the holster. The position of the release puts your index finger at the ready position as soon as the sidearm leaves the holster for fast weapon manipulation.

Compatibility: EMG Archon Firearms Type B Airsoft Parallel Training Weapon
Material: Nylon reinforced polymer

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