McFadden Machine Lightnin Grip Loader- 10/22 Rifle Adapter

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Aftermarket 10/22 Rifle, Adapter Only

Does Not Work With Ruger


Adapter INSTRUCTIONS for AFTERMARKET 10/22 Magazines.

1.) Choose the correct adapter for your magazine. Put at least one round
in your magazine and look how the back of the rimmed cartridge lines up
with the centerline of the magazine. It will be either CENTERED (Shooters
Ridge, Butler Creek), or OFF-CENTER to the left (Black Dog, RamLine,
Eagle.) Centered Ramline has longer feed lips and does not work.

2.) Hold the loader in your left hand, and press the adapter lock with your thumb.
With your right hand, hook the Magazine Adapter into the top of the Lightnin'
Grip Loader and swing the bottom into the slot. Take your thumb off of the lock
button. It should pop out to the locked position when the adapter is fully seated.

3.) Insert your magazine into the adapter until the small magazine pin hooks
under the latch.

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