Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulators (Standard, 4500psi)

Sale price$84.95


The PRO V2 Adjustable is a versatile regulator offering 4 different output pressures that will cover all markers that have been made to accept HPA. New with the PRO V2 Adjustable is our valve design which gives you 30% increased flow over our competitors. The PRO V2 Adjustable ships at 800psi and comes with 4 different output pressures ranging from 450psi, 550psi, 700psi, and 800psi and is easily adjusted by removing shims inside of the regulator. This regulator comes standard with a rotational collar to adjust the fill nipple and gauge locations, aluminum lightweight bonnet, and micro gauge.

Adjustable Output Pressure (1100 to 950 psi)
30% Increased Flow
Ball Valve
Mini Gauge
Mini Fill Nipple
Rotational Collar
Belleville Spring Stack
Aluminum Lightweight Bonnet
ASTM Complient

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