Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit - The Freak 14" - Autococker/AC - Black

Sale price$209.95


Comes with Freak XL front and back, case, and 8 inserts. The control bore is the part of the barrel that is reduced or increased in size by the user to fit or bore match the paintball barrel to the paintballs being used. Because these bores can be quickly swapped and easily stored, the Freak XL offers one of the easiest to use, and most complete interchangeable bore system on the market. Quick Turn Autococker Threading - Featured in the new Freak XL threaded for autococker threads, the new Freak XL back is removed from the marker quickly with just four turns. This lets you get the barrel on and off of any marker faster, while staying compatible with the most common barrel thread in paintball. Packed with options right from the start, the complete Freak XL barrel system includes the Freak XL back, eight color coded Freak XL inserts (.679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, and .695) and an All-American XL or Freak XL front in a durable Freak XL zip-side case. The Freak System allows you to get more shots from every fill-up, no matter what marker you shoot. By bore-matching your paintballs, you waste less air propelling them down your barrel. This means you can turn your regulator pressure down, or your velocity screw out making your marker softer on paint and easier on air.

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