Valken Paintball V-MAX Plus Electronic Motorized Loader - Black

Sale price$59.95


The Valken V-Max Plus paintball loader is back! This lightweight, simple and reliable paintball loader is powered by two 9volt batteries, operates with a single, simple on/off button and can feed paintballs at approximately 15 paintballs per second! With a capacity of 220 paintballs and the ability to switch to a speed feed without tools, the V-Max electronic paintball loader is an ideal upgrade from basic gravity feed paintball hoppers for any mid to high-end paintball gun! Simple to maintain and easy to disassemble, the Valken VMax paintball loader is a light, reliable and fast paintball loader that any player can afford!

Electronic motorized paintball loader
Feeds approx 15 paintballs balls per second
220 paintball capacity
Fast disassembly for easy cleaning
Updated push-and-hold on off with led light
Quick change lid
Simple battery change
Compatible with 68 caliber paintball guns

Electric Power: 2x 9volt batteries
Weight: Less than 1 pound
Capacity: 220 .68 caliber paintballs

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