McFadden Machine Lightnin Grip Loader - 2

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Mcfadden Adapter #2

Adapter INSTRUCTIONS for AR Conversion, CMMG, Sig Sauer 522, Kel-Tec PLR22, Black Dog Magazines, Bushmaster .22 Carbon 15 (ar Style), Stag Arms 22 Conversion, & Kriss Defiance DMK22 22lr., Fostech .22, 2A Armament

Hold the loader in your left hand, and press the adapter lock with your thumb. With your right hand, hook the Mag Adapter into the top of the Lightnin' Grip Loader and swing the bottom into the slot. Take your thumb off of the lock button. it should pop out to the locked position when the adapter is in fully seated.

Insert your magazine into the adapter until it latches into notch.

To remove the magazine, while holding like pictured here, gently press down on latch and pull out.

Compatible with Sig Sauer 522, CMMG, Kel-Tec PLR-22 & SU-22, Stag ARms 22, Bushmaster 22 Carbon15, Kriss Defiance DMK22 22lr, Fostech 22 Adapter

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