12 Gram CO2 Cartridge - 10 Pack for Airsoft and Paintball

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These high performance 12 gram Co2 cartridges can be used with airguns, airsoft guns, paintball markers, and any other 12 gram co2 applications. Manufactured to the highest level of precision and quality, these cartridges meet and exceeds ASTM F590 standard consumer safety specification that is 100% tested for heat and burst safety each production. Premium precision grade made in Taiwan with world-leading equipment directly from the authority of 12g Co2 cartridges. Not "made in China" grade which may contain imperfection and diameter deviations that may cause jam and malfunction. Precision manufactured with maximum diameter = 18.90mm for best compatibility. This is the official tried and true 12g Co2 cartridge for EMG, KWC, APS, Glock and other precision grade law enforcement and military training projectile and propellant replicas.

Material: Metal
Compatible: With any item that requires a 12g Co2 cartridge
Capacity: 12g
Gas Type: Co2

Manufacturer: Evike / EMG / Crosman

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