4UAD SmartAirsoft 4uantum Lock Thread Adhesive (Type: Removable)

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Vibration is the worst enemy of fasteners. Every airsoft gun, including springers will vibrate under operation. Therefore, it is very important to utilize thread lockers on fasteners which retain critical components and expensive accessories! Upon curing, the 4UANTUM LOCK thread adhesive leaves a gripping material on your fastener thread so it won™t come loose over time. The click pen packaging conveniently dispenses a perfectly sized drop for most airsoft gun fasteners.

The blue label indicates medium bond strength removable by standard hand tools. It is ideal for parts which need to be frequently removed for tuning or maintenance.

Easy to control pen design with tip for precise application

Handling Cure Time: 10 Minutes
Functional Cure Time: 1.5 Hours
Full Cure Time: 24 Hours
Package Includes: 1x pen

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