Airsoft Palco Sports 200934 Fn P90 Metal/Polymer Rifle Black, Black

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Palco Sports 200934 Fn P90 Metal/Polymer Black, Black is a good ranged weapon for engaging opponents at medium range distances in the airsoft arena battlefield. This airsoft rifle is made by Palco Sports mainly in Asia and is imported into the United States for airsoft players under Palco Sports international trademarks.

When playing airsoft, Airsoft rifles are the primary weapons used. Because of this, these tactical rifles are popular, are combat effective, and work very well on playing fields. Long guns are usually used alongside pistols and sniper rifles and are the foundation of a world-class airsoft tactical load out.

When calculating the distance airsoft rifles can shoot, bear in mind the typical engagement range for rifle use on airsoft fields is around 140 feet and in around 50 feet in indoor airsoft arenas which the weapon can manage rather efficiently. The gun shoots airsoft BBs rapidly in full-auto or semi-auto select fire modes and is durable, well-designed and toughly constructed. With proper care and weapon maintenance, this brand airsoft rifle will probably last for lots of skirmishes of airsoft.

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