Cybergun M203 40mm Grenade Launcher M4 / M16 Airsoft Rifles (Dark Earth / Short)

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Laser engraved licensed Colt trademarks
Made with lighter and stronger material
Injection molded polymer construction with metal alloy reinforcements
Comes with 20mm rail mount as well as barrel mount for M4/M16 outer barrels w/ M203 cutout
Fits most popular Airsoft 40mm style Airsoft grenade shells
Easy to operate grenade tube latch

The M203 grenade launcher is one of the most effective and devastating tools in the Airsoft arsenal. Capable of using a wide variety of shells the M203 launcher can shoot anything from BB's and paintballs to foam rockets and Nerf footballs. Generally these underslung launchers add an immense amount of weight to your weapon of choice and make it unwieldy and a challenge to maneuver with. However now with the polymer M203 launcher, you can enjoy all of the benefits of adding a M203 launcher to your build without adding a ton of weight to your front end. Built from durable injection molded polymer, the polymer M203 is as durable and reliable as its metal alloy compatriot and offers the same level of reliability and performance at half the weight.

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