Cybergun Swiss Arms SA2022 Airsoft Spring Pistol - Black

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Officially licensed Swiss Arms design
Rubberized grip panels
Lower accessory rail for light and laser attachments
Great build quality with heavy-duty polymer and metal materials
High power spring system with excellent range and accuracy
BAX adjustable hopup system
Heavyweight, realistic build quality
FPS: 240

The Cybergun Swiss Arms licensed SA2022 is a high-quality, heavy-duty spring powered pistol built with longevity and effectiveness in mind. This isn't your standard cheap spring pistol, the SA2022 has remarkable build quality and boasts excellent range and accuracy when compared to lesser spring pistols. The SA2022 features a true 1-to-1 scale to its real firearm counterpart and is made from high-quality polymers and a heavyweight build to give you a realistic and enjoyable shooting experience. The pistol features the same great ergonomics as the real firearm and includes several of the same amenities such as the built-in low-profile sights, rubberized grip panels, and a built-in accessory rail for optional lights and lasers. With the Swiss Arms SA2022 spring pistol you no longer need to compromise quality for a lower price point.

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