EMG Barrett Airsoft Precision Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Zero Trigger-MulticamBlk

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Officially licensed by Barrett Firearms
Specially designed stock focuses on improved ergonomics and reduced weight for an excellent shooting experience
Lightened receiver with machined facets and deep engraved Barrett trademarks
Featherweight "Zero Trigger" with an ultra-light 1.2lb trigger force
Machined fluted bolt reduces weight and adds a unique, aggressive look
Reinforced internal parts with a steel 90 degree piston catch and steel pinned cylinder
Built-in 20mm optic rail for Picatinny and Weaver mounted optics
Harris style bipod lugs at the front and rear of the rifle
FPS Range: 500-530

Designed as an ultra-precise long range bolt-action rifle, the Barrett Fieldcraft pairs aggressive aesthetics with excellent precision in a lightweight package.

The Fieldcraft is one of Barretts newest releases, aimed for use in precision shooting applications. The Barrett Fieldcraft by EMG recreates the same details found on the real rifle, making this a great option for devoted Airsoft players, collectors, and enthusiasts. The stock features a smooth tapered shape at the front, a contoured grip section for increased ergonomics, a low-profile comb that centerlines the bolt, an integrated cheek rest in the rear of the stock, and a comfortable rubber butt pad at the end. The Fieldcraft rifle features a unique fluted CNC machined bolt for weight savings, as well as some added style. Several facets have been machines into rifle receiver in several key areas to shave down weight, making the Fieldcraft extremely light. To top it off, officially licensed Barrett trademarks are deep engraved into the side of the receiver giving this rifle a very authentic look and feel.

One of the biggest features of the EMG Barrett Fieldcraft is the pre-installed featherweight Zero Tigger. Measuring at just 1.2lbs of trigger force, the Fieldcraft has one of the lightest trigger pulls on the market today. To further add to the Fieldcraft's capability, a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel comes pre-installed for improved accuracy. Match those features with the Fieldcraft's reinforced internal parts and you've got yourself a highly precise, accurate rifle that's ready for the field.

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