EMG Battle Wall "I-Beam" Modular Gear Hangers (Color: Pitch Black / 2-Pack)

Sale price$21.60


Are you in need of a tough, durable solution for storing and transporting armored vests, plate carriers, and tactical apparel? Then look no further than the Phantom Gear "I-Beam" Modular Gear Hangers. These sturdy gear hangers are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding situations. Each hanger is made from high-strength injection molded polymer with a specialty "I-Beam" design that allows you to cleanly and confidently store all variations of plate carriers, full harness systems, soft armored vests, as well as BDU and tactical tops.

The Phantom Gear I-Beam hanger features a tough reinforced top hook for storage as well as an integrated carry handle for easy on-the-go transport. The end hooks of the hanger can be positioned upward for storing vests and armor carriers, or downward to contour to the shoulders or your BDU and tactical tops. These end hooks snap firmly into place, yet remain easily removable so you can customize as needed.

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