Evike 55rd Mag for VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle for Marui HFC Snow Wolf Well CYMA

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A widely popular magazine that is critical for your VSR-10 sniper rifle (or other compatible rifles) to shoot and win battles.

CYMA VSR-10 VSR10 series sniper rifles.
WELL MB-07 MB-03, MB-09, MB-10, MB-12, AWM, G22 M700 and compatible series.
Tokyo Marui VSR-10, VSR10, G-Spec and compatible seres.
HFC VSR-10 / VSR-11 Bolt action sniper rifle and compatible series.
Snowwolf VSR-10 M700 and compatible series.
VSR-10, G-Spec, 367 366 and compatible series.

Caliber: 6mm Airsoft bb
Compatibility: For CYMA Snow Wolf Tokyo Marui, WELL HFC and other compatible VSR-10 Series Airsoft Sniper Rifles
Capacity: 55 rounds

Manufacturer: CYMA

Why Mid-Cap Magazines?
Mid-Capacity magazines offer stealth operation by eliminating BB rattle often experienced with Hi-Caps. They feed smoother than Hi-Caps due to their high tension internal spring, similar to a real steel magazine. Since 470 round Hi-Capacity magazines don't exist in real life, a good amount of Mil-Sim players prefer Mid-Cap magazines for an even more realistic type of gaming experience.

Due to the design of all Mid-Cap magazines, they actually function better once you break them in. To do so spray some light silicone oil into the magazine, load and unload it a few times until BB's feed smoothly. This process breaks in the internal spring allowing it to function without problems each and every time.

About CYMA
CYMA is among the oldest, most experienced and the largest Airsoft manufacturing facility in the world. Known for their unmatched quality control and professionalism, CYMA is selected to be the OEM of a vast amount of Airsoft products. Durability and performance meets affordability!

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