Evike Airsoft - Clear Defender Protective BB Blocker Evike Logo/Dual Handle

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The Evike.com CQB Riot Shield is perfect for Camera Crews, Close Quarters Airsoft training, and Simulations. The shield measures almost 3 feet tall and just shy of 2 feet wide making this perfect for any front man on a CQB squad. It has a curved shape that aids in extra coverage where it matters. This Riot Shield is made from High Strength Lexan and includes 2 sturdy handles and a High Density foam on the back. The Evike.com Riot Shield will intimidate even the toughest opponents. Features Adds +55 to defense when fighting dragons. (Cannot be sold on Battlenet to fight Diablo.) Large, curved coverage area for maximum protection< 3mm Thick and made from High Strength Lexan, this shield is lightweight and easy to carry Backed with High Density Foam Protects you from Airsoft bb and other projectiles. Able to easily withstand 600+ FPS Show the world your true #1 Airsoft retailer & distributor. Specifications: Dimensions: 19" x 35.5" Thickness: 3mm Materials: High Strength Lexan, High Density Foam, Rubberized Metal

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