Evike Airsoft - Specna Arms CORE Series AEG (SBR/Black)

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The CORE(TM) line of products by Specna Arms is an exceptional series of replicas that brings incredible value and quality to the market. The innovative spring change system combined with the high-quality materials make this perfect for newcomers and seasoned airsoft players alike.

The replica's ESA(TM) Quick Spring Change System provides rapid and quick adpation of power so you can meet any Airsoft field's FPS requirements without needing access to a workshop or a set of special tools. The stock slide is removable in order to gain access to the spring for extremely convenient pullout without the need for disassembly of the gearbox. In light of current internal regulations inside various groups, the system guarantees the user unique possibilities and freedom. ESA(TM) system requires minimal time to change the main spring to customize muzzle velocity for any field's safety policies and reliably allows you to go from one field to the next.

The replica is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Due to a base muzzle velocity of ~380 FPS provided by the installed default spring, the replica is perfect for operation at a medium range. The set also includes an M90 spring, which allows reduced muzzle velocity to ~310 FPS, which is perfect for close-ranged and indoor operations.

The gearbox contains 8 mm slide bearings as well as shimmed steel gears based on them. The system is secured with four anti-reversal latches. A light, made of a polycarbonate polymer piston is equipped with a full steel strip, in order to increase its durability. Also, implemented were a type 0 cylinder and a steel circuit-breaker, as well as a precise rotary Hop-Up chamber. The durability of parts allows for the cooperation with M140 springs.

The precisely-made rotary type Hop-Up chamber perfectly fit with high quality 6,03 precision barrel. The use of precision barrel has a positive effect on the range and accuracy of the replica.

ATTN: Optic in images not included unless you purchase the Go Airsoft Starter Package Option. Optic in image may be different depending on availability but will function the same.

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