Evike APS Shell Catcher for Airsoft CAM870 Series Shell Ejecting Shotguns

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The APS CAM870 has revolutionized Airsoft shotguns and force on force training. The performance and realism is unmatched. However, having to police all of your spent shells at the end of a game or training exercise is a hassle. The APS shell catcher eliminates the need to spend time on your hands and knees trying to recover all of your shells. Built from durable and lightweight polymer and nylon mesh, the shell catcher fits directly over the receiver of the entire line of CAM870 shotguns, positioning the mesh bag directly over the shotguns ejection port, perfect to collect all of your spent shells.

Compatibility: For APS CAM870 Airsoft Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun (Compatible with with New Gen CAM870)
Material: Polymer. nylon mesh

Manufacturer: APS

About APS / Hakkotsu
APS Limited was established in 2001. APS started by specializing in designing and building Simulation Training Equipment (Real Action Markers & Powder Balls for training simulation). APS - the three words stand for Accuracy - Pneumatics - Shooting. With their knowledge and experience that has been gained from making Real Action Markers and Projectiles, APS launched a new product line - Electronic Blow Back (EBB) products to spur the current Airsoft Market. Since entering the Airsoft industry their line of Airsoft rifles, pistols and accessories have been incredibly popular.

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