Evike ASG Ultimate Boost Custom Airsoft AEG Motor (Long Axle / 40k RPM)

Sale price$69.88


ASG is famous for developing high quality airsoft products that are highly renown in the airsoft industry, and their line of internal upgrades follows suit. The BOOST high speed / high torque motor is built to push your rifle to its limits while still maintaining its overall internal integrity. Combine this motor with a lower power spring and greatly boost your rifles rate of fire to shoot the maximum amount of rounds towards your enemies. Constructed completely from CNC machined metal parts, this AEG upgrade is strong and reliable in the most powerful of gearboxes. The BOOST motor utilizes heat resistant neodymium magnets, known for being one of the most rare powerful magnets in the world, and sets a new standard for airsoft internals. The use of these magnets results in smooth pinion rotation with extreme strength to power an AEG gearbox. Upgrade your rifle with one of the most advanced motors on the market today, with the Ultimate Upgrade Motor BOOST Custom Motor from ASG.

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