Evike.com Limited Edition 6mm High Performance Senzu Airsoft BBs(0.30g/1600 Rds)

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OH NO! You're up against the world's most handsomest, strongest, most agile Airsofter ever! Your Airsoft magazine is running low! WHAT WILL YOU DO???

This Airsofter's fast, but not fast enough. You can almost feel it... something inside you is burning, was it your lunch? Or was it your INNER AIRSOFT WARRIOR lashing out! Ready to take the fight to your opponent! You reach into your pouch, backpack, or even your pockets and feel it. The familiar orb-shapped 6mm goodness of.... THE SENZU BB!

Unleash full power for your inner Airsoft warriors and galaxy's most powerful Airsoft rifles. (Do not EAT, LOAD into your Airsoft Rifle)
Precision manufacturing process ensures consistency (5.95mm+0.01mm)

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