Evike Hexmag Airsoft Magazines for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Mid Caps and Flashmags

color: x4 HexID Plate - Dark Earth
Sale price$20.43


High strength fiber reinforced nylon polymer shell, constructed to the same specifications as real AR magazines
Licensed Hexmag magazine
Works great with high rate of fire AEG's
Unique hexagon pattern for greatly improved grip
Incredibly strong and light weight
Can be easily customized to suit each operators needs
Hexmag HexID color identification system allows the user to color code magazines for specific purposes / loads or to differentiate mags from teammates
A few cord pulls is all it takes to fully wind the magazine

Hexmag Airsoft magazines are constructed to the standard of real AR mags. These heavy duty polymer magazines are incredibly rugged while remaining light weight and easy to carry. The unique hexagonal surface pattern gives the magazines greatly improved grip while at the same time giving it a sleek look. The hexagonal patterns can be filled in with paint to customize the magazine to your preference or to differentiate your magazines from a teammates; additionally the hexagons can be filled in with grip tape to make them no slip in any situation.

Material: Polymer
Capacity: 300rds
Compatibility: For Tokyo Marui, Matrix, G&G, G&P, ICS, JG, Elite Force, VFC, Classic Army and other compatible M4 / M16 Airsoft AEG Rifles

Manufacturer: Hexmag / Dytac

About EMG
The EMG vision is to manufacture products the world has never seen before; products we would put our name on, and products that hit the spot! "EMG" (Evike Manufacturing Group) was spawned from the realization that if you want something done exactly the way you want it, you need to do it yourself, and we did just that.
We took our 16 years of knowledge as the market's lead retailer, our network of 300+ superior manufacturers, to work with inspiring top innovators in the firearms industry. That combined with the vision to invest into the Airsoft industry, an industry we believe in, EMG was born.

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