Evike - Light Weight Airsoft Mil-Sim Essential Red Dead Rag (Microfiber Towel)

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The Evike Microfiber Towel / Dead rag is an all purpose accessory that we believe every Airsofter should carry for Airsoft and other extreme sports events. It is an Airsoft Dead Rag, Maintenance Towel, Sport Cloth, and more! Use it to clean your gears, wipe off sweat, identify "hit", shower, and to survive!

Dead Rag? A "Dead Rag" serve the purpose of identifying a "Not in play" player. It is an essential gear in most fields and scenario games. A "Dead Rag" is also the best method to reduce the amount bbs being projected at you after you are hit and called yourself out in an Airsoft game. Placing the dead rag over your head is the best way to "call yourself out". Airsoft is a game of honor and we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to play safe, play responsibly, be respectful, play hard and have fun!

Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Color: Red
Material: Microfiber Polyester
Manufacturer: Evike

Application: Placing the dead-rag over your head, hat, mask or headpro generally indicates that you are "hit" and out of the game. It will clearly inform the opposing forces to stop playing at you thinking that you are a "live" player.

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