Evike - Redline Mini SFR Air System (Model: HPA Engines/Regulator Only)

Sale price$165.49


Integrated tournament lock allows the regulator to be locked with a zip-tie in compliance with rules enforced by many events
High pressure relief valve to safeguard your system from an over pressure in the event of either a regulator malfunction or an accidental operator over-adjustment of the regulator
Safely and easily regulates pressure from HPA tank to gun
Functions like the regular Redline SFR regulator, but in a much smaller and compact form

The SFR is Redline Airsoft's newest regulator. It combines high sensitivity and a super fast refresh rate with a high flow design. It performs equally well whether powering an air sipping PolarStar "Jack" at 40 PSI or powering an air hungry Daytona gun at 120 psi. It also works with both standard high output and SLP/ELP type low output tanks..

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