EvikeAirsoft-BAMF GEN2 450rdHi-CapFlashMag forAirsoftM4/M16AEGRifles(Tan/3 Pack)

Sale price$64.88


The Evike BAMF magazines are lightweight, high performance, and attractive looking magazines with an even more alluring price point. The idea behind the BAMF series of magazines is to provide players with a reliable set of magazines that can keep up with their high performance guns without breaking the bank. These magazines are tough and resilient, so be at ease when your squad mate calls out for a mag and you throw it across the room to them. The new BAMF Gen2 carries all of the same features, performance, and reliability that made the first gen magazines great while changing it up with not only aesthetic changes but some quality of life enhancements as well. New to the Gen2 magazines is a dot-matrix grid that will allow users to easily label and identify their magazines. The new shaped rubber mag bottoms features a ribbed, slip resistant design that allows you to utilize your magazine as an makeshift monopod. Aesthetically, the mock round count window has been moved to the back spine of the magazine; while on the mid-cap magazine this window is for display purposes only, it is actually a functional window on the flash-mag version to easily see when your magazine is running low on rounds.

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