EvikeHexmagAirsoft120rds PolymerMidCapMag forM4/M16AirsoftAEGRifles(OD Green)

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Hexmag Magazines: Hexmag Airsoft magazines are constructed to the standard of real AR mags. These heavy duty polymer magazines are incredibly rugged while remaining light weight and easy to carry. The unique hexagonal surface pattern gives the magazines greatly improved grip while at the same time giving it a sleek look. The hexagonal patterns can be filled in with paint to customize the magazine to your preference or to differentiate your magazines from a teammates; additionally the hexagons can be filled in with grip tape to make them no slip in any situation.
+ Licensed by Hexmag
+ High tension steel spring for enhanced reliability and improved feeding
+ Unique hexagon pattern for greatly improved grip
+ Incredibly strong and light weight
+ Can be easily customized

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