ExFog Helmet Pouch -Tan

Sale price$30.99


The official ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (XHP) pairs perfectly with our ExFog Antifog system, the versatile unit that keeps your full seal goggles fog-free in any environment. This helmet pouch was specially designed by Rootiment Arms to house and protect our ExFog Antifog system on the back of your headwear. No matter what type of activity you are engaging in, the Helmet Pouch will effectively protect your ExFog Antifog system in any environment during any season - including harsh surroundings like snow or extreme heat.

Designed with both manifold configurations, this versatile helmet pouch allows the user to route and run their airlines through their full seal goggles in any way that they would like. The translucent side access window on the helmet pouch provides a tactile-driven feel, which allows operators to activate and manipulate the unit without removing it from the pouch. That means that you can be up and on your way quickly and easily.

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