ExFog XT Standard Kit w/Headband and T Band Anti Fog Unit for Airsoft, Paintball

Sale price$64.95


Take anti-fog to a whole new level with the ExFog Antifog system for full seal goggles. ExFog is built tough to last in a variety of environments through every season. Its fan-driven system has variable speeds so that you don't dry out your eyes or waste your battery. The system is designed to drive air through tubing into the temple portion of your full seal goggles, regulating the temperature and eliminating fog.

What's Included:
XT Base unit
2 custom manifolds
2 universal magnetic adapters
usb charging cable (type C)
hook and loop (aka velcro)
5ft of pvc food grade tubing
Headband and T band Mounting accessories

This versatile device can be easily mounted to any type of headwear and fitted to your favorite full seal goggles in just a few minutes. From paintball, airsoft, and skiing to construction, manufacturing, and household work - this antifog system works for any leisure or work application where you need to get rid of fog in your full seal safety goggles.

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