HK Army Hostile Sector Chest Rig - MOLLE Tactical Airsoft Vest (Camo)

Sale price$109.95


The CTS Sector Chest Rig provides a tactical advantage by giving you an accessible and lightweight chest or abdomen mounted kit, allowing you to efficiently carry and access essential items during gameplay. This padded mid sized chest rig is the perfect size for small and large sized players. Equipped with 3 Rifle Mag Cells velcro attached to the inside of the main zipper compartment the Sector Chest Rig secures your rifle magazines and other essential items. The X-Lock laser-cut MOLLE velcro panel comes attached to the exterior which can be quickly removed to update your loadouts configuration. The highly-customizable fitment of the Sector Chest Rig can be adjusted to meet your unique needs by distributing the weight of your gear more evenly across your body. Shoulder straps, back straps and rib/waist straps can be fully adjusted in all areas to ensure you have a perfectly secure fit with maximized reduction of movement.

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