HK Army HSTL Line 3+2 Paintball Harness Pod Pack - Black

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Reload quickly and efficiently with the HK Army HSTL Paintball Harness 3+2 Paintball Pod Pack. Contoured to your back, the aeromesh padded paintball harness provides a comfortable fit while firmly securing paintball pods in tough-grip velcro straps. Ejection holsters quick-release your next pod fill to your fingertips, allowing for a seamless paintball hopper reload.

Hold 7 Paintball Pods
Carry up to 7 paintball pods with a 3+2 HSTL Paintball Harness.

TPR Grip Straps
Grip Straps secure the harness firmly to your waist, even when sliding.

Aero-Mesh Back Pad
Breathable mesh supports and comforts through a contoured design that forms to your back.

Ejection Holsters
Equipped with 3 Ejection Holsters for a quick-release reload.

Tough-Grip Velcro
Constructed of premium materials, the velcro straps secure paintball pods firmly in place.

Adjustable Waistband
Designed to ensure a snug fit, the elastic pod belt is adjustable for all sizes.

* Harness only. Pods not included.

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